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Do you need to get roof reports generated quickly and easily?
You are in the right place.

Our fully automated system can return a report to you in minutes! Itís easy, fast, and accurate, so you can be confident your bid is on time and correct.


How it works

1. Register

Registration is free!   

2. Attach RXF file

Attach an RXF file of the 3D model.

If you do not currently have a RXF file, you may provide the site location to EagleView in order to have one created for you.

3. Edit your preferences

Various settings may be tailored to suit your individual requirements such as:

  • cut lengths
  • other stuff
  • really weird things
  • all of the above

These settings are retained for all future models and may be altered at any stage.

5. Pay and collect

Conveniently pay online via credit card before you collect your files.
You will receive a one-off welcome discount of $50 off on your first job.


Give our friendly team in Melbourne, Australia a call on +61 3 9878 5000.