It may screw up, but don't panic, email us ( with a screen shot so we can see what you did. Thanks for your patience and have some fun with this.

In the meantime, try it, use it, break it - it's FREE!

Get detailed roof reports
in minutes...

Iso View of my Roof
Our fully automated system can return a report to you in minutes!
Itís accurate, easy, and very fast.
Be confident your bid is on time and correct.
Detailed Roof Report Layout

Especially useful is the Section Report for metal roof panels - a layout like this for each and every roof plane.

Example Section Panel Layout
Show your installers EXACTLY where panels are to be installed - no errors and more efficient.


How it works

1. Register and select Submit New Job

Registration is free!   

Select [Submit New Job]

2. Select your RXF or XML* file

Select an RXF or XML file of the 3D model. If you downloaded the file from a reporting service, you may find it in your [Downloads] folder.

*an RXF file is an AppliCad proprietary format that accurately describes the geometry of your roof. They are created by many vendors at the conclusion of the design of the roof truss framing system. Truss designers using Pryda, Mitek SA,Truss Tech, Multinail, International Truss Systems can all provide you with an RXF file on request.
There are many XML variants of the RXF file and most of them work. We have noticed that there are a few that do not produce accurate 3D roof geometry. Since we do check for valid geometry before you submit, don't be surprised if the file is rejected.

3. Edit your preferences

Various settings may be tailored to suit your individual requirements such as:

  • Metric or Imperial units
  • sheet/panel width for 'long run' panels such as standing seam;
    or width and depth of small form metal tiles, terracota or concrete tiles or asphalt shingles.
  • trim as stock lengths or cut to length

These settings are retained for all future models and may be altered at any stage.

5. Pay and collect

Check the settings and confirm; pay online via credit card (beta version - it's free); your job will be processed.

You will see the job progressing.... it takes just a few minutes.
On completion, select [List Jobs] and download your report to the downloads folder. Double click to open in MS Word (Note that MS Word must be installed on your device to open and view the report).
As the report is an editable Word document, you can add more information such as your logo and comapny details, or cut and paste your roof sketch into it, what ever you need.

Try it now

If you do not have an RXF file handy, maybe download this one, save it to your desktop, and try the process out for yourself - [RXF Test File] then log in and submit the file for processing.


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